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Clearly don't know a thing about a strike class. Ion's are the ONLY weapon with an accuracy buff and its only 6% that's not going to do squat against what we are talking about especially since its accuracy and range aren't great to begin with (hint same range as your "dog fighting types" and have to do the same thing a scout has to do in close range)

PT only get a 10% chance to crit, if some on manages to get a 4 second lock-on on you with these things you got out played. Same can be said for Concussive missles its do easy to break missile locks that if they get one off you got out maneuvered/ out played.

Strike's don't have to track their targets......? Seriously you don't know how to play a Strike the only 2 different lasers a strike gets that a scout doesn't are Heavy laser cannons and Ion Cannons everything else is exactly the same, the Second scout can get quads and all the other weapons are 4k meter close range weapons all requiring the same skill to fire and hell with LESS maneuverability and Speed in a strike so some one landing a Ion cannon shot on you is playing more skillfully then you landing a Rapid fire laser on them same range, less maneuverability, less speed and less rate of fire and more energy consumption. You have it the other way around, if you are dieing to a strike you got out-played.
you obviously don't know jack-didly-squat about anything other than distortion field.
I take your one of those sods that does nothing but try to close quarters dogfight with me? You want to get a head to head with me, you will lose the maneuver game period, if you think a strike should be able to win the maneuver game against a paper scout your just being thick.

Also Stikes have 2x the armor and 2x the shields than a scout, that's your compensation. And your weapons hit harder period. You have your advantages I have mine, not stop trying to play your strike like a flashfire.

I have stated before the class that is the least threat to scouts are other scouts. A good strike is far more trouble to me than a scout, because I can keep a scout from getting enough contact time to burn me but a strike requires just seconds of contact time to kill me.

Strikes should look for opportunities to blindside burst a scout, you never going to win a protracted 1v1 dogfight at close quarters.

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