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12.09.2015 , 09:00 PM | #15
Bumping to ensure this thread is kept alive and not forgotten. I ran into the same issue and found out on my own that I had completed some missions before starting the bonus series, which has messed the whole chain up.

And it doesn't help that the support system has so far proven completely useless. Either they autoreply with something that makes no sense (WHY would you only help with class story mission? Everything in the game is your work, and these are your bugs!), they reply super late, or if you have the idea of calling their support line because you're tired of mail-based support system, the people they have aren't trained to do much.

I looked up the issue on the forums and I saw tons of threads on something really similar to this as far back as 2012... I don't know if it's the exact same issue but if it is then that's beyond sad.

if I was playing WoW, a GM could just reset my quests and I could start again with the knowledge in mind not to do quests before they're available in the chain ever if they show up. How hard would that be to do, Bioware?