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Full support to OP. I couldnt agree more. Not that I need to argue with the trollsters but I can tell you this since this game has launched, 2 of my reports assisted Bioware in patching this game with exploits in pvp matches that they patched. These were exploits that players used to cheat in warzones. Bioware has confirmed they kick players for cheating and confirmed they have ejected players for cheating and actively work towards pacthing against cheats, hacks and exploits. And if you search for it on the web, its not hard to find videos and offers that allude and directly talk about hacks, exploits and I always get a laugh when someone comes on these threads to claim they have never seen a response..Bioware staff obviously have seen it so anyone claiming otherwise isnt making any sense.

My only complaint with Bioware is the silence in this matter. I know when they first announced they had made bans, a lot of my matches changed real fast as previously impervious players were suddenly dying real quick in warzones.
Essentially, criminals dont act when they see a cop car and its no different here. I know a lot of experienced pvpers who quit this game in disgust because of the cheating and I think Bioware really could reclaim their rep if they adopted the OP's suggestions.

When this game launched, I said this was what I had seen take down other games I played and Bioware fell into the same trap. If you allow the losers and exploiters to run the game, eventually thats all you have left and obviously new subs drop off until the game just dies.

Sadly, since the changes to this game seem to show Bioware plans to turn it into Star Wars: The Old Cash Shop...I dont expect these changes to be made. As long as they recoup their losses, they arent going to turn away anyone with a bank account. But I always hope against hope so your move Bioware prove me wrong.
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