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Ok I'm getting closer to understanding what your doing. Unfortunately as I understand it your doing things wrong. It would seem your filler snipe there is a waste of 3 seconds, There is no reason I've been able to determine to lead TD with a snipe.

In fact in my experience you never really need a filler in MM. As described in my pervious post you can insert TD anywhere in your rotation by simply following your next follow through. This makes TD a rotation expander meaning more abilities get time to cool down.
Which lower your DPS and your burst.. MM has five GCD fillers by Sniper Volley CD. Two being Corrosive Dart. TD > FT forces three more GCD between your Sniper Volley's. Replacing the Sn > Sn > FT by TD >FT buy you one 0.66 GCD (Ambush taking 1.33 GCD to cast without Zeroing Shot). GOing with Sn > TD > FT forces you to lose exactly one filler.. Which makes the rotation sustainable.. Keeps everything as close to their CD as possible....

Note that this is assuming Sniper Volley CD is affected by its own buff making it a 40.9 CD.
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