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I did test this out, but unfortunately, it doesn't make a positive impact in terms of rotational fluidity and DPS. It's really nonsensical to use Target Acquired within the Sniper Volley window just to shave 10 seconds off of its CD when you can be potentially dealing more damage with double Penetrating Blasts. Just because Alacrity is redesigned to reduce cooldowns in terms of abilities and CDs doesn't mean the priority of offensive CDs should change. Also, hitting Target Acquired within the Sniper Volley window would mean gaining too much energy back, and trust me, I have much better use for TA whenever appropriate.

I admit, it was an interesting discovery but unfortunately, it won't work for the sake of DPS gain nor resolve any filler problems.
Well.. I stand corrected about TA..... Now onto the numbers avaible for SV...

This is the rotation I figured out.....
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