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A few points..
For Takedown... Replacing Snipe > Snipe > FT by Snipe > TD > FT Is a DPS increase. You lose a single Snipe in a full SV rotation and replace three with TD... Three TD do more damage than four Snipe.
Doing an extra Snipe every Ambush CD is a waste of GCD.... Every SV window you have 5 fillers avaible. Two are for Corrosive Darts. One is for Snipe (or Trauma debuff if needed for the raid). The last ones are for energy regen....
Every three SV window, Adre Probe will be back up. For this one ignore all your energy management and use Snipe instead of managing your energy.
OK about this: Snipe > TD > FT

This makes Zero sense to me, no sense what-so-ever, nothing at all. That said I will certainly read your reply with an open mind.

so Snipe does 3 things in MM
- procs Follow Through but doesn't reset the CD
- Shortens Ambush cast time by 0.5s/snipe up to 1s
- 2 Snipes reset FT CD and proc FT

so what does Snipe > TD > FT achieve? specifically what does the Snipe in there actually do?

MY use of Take down goes like this, when Take Down is available you use it immediately after the next Follow Through then proceed with your rotation as normal.
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