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But isn't Pulse a 1 GCD move, and GCD being 1.5 seconds, the same as the activation time on Snipe?
No cover pulse ignores the GCD and does not proc it either.

Quote: Originally Posted by DieGhostDie View Post
That's wrong. Instant GCD Snipes don't really make a difference since Snipe is on 1.5 second cast anyway. As I said, it is not a DPS increase. It's an APM gain. I understand that you think I am undervaluing the utility Stroke of Genius, but realistically, I'm really not. Stroke of Genius serves to add ability clutter by being reliant on Cover Pulse. I will absolutely never use this ability nor will I complicate my flow of rotations. Snap Shot is honestly a better alternative here, and I rather use Cover Pulse for something else. Having both would be an instant death sentence.
First APM is the most important thing on a MM, where unlike dot specs where most of your damage is automatic, MM APM is directly proportional to total damage.

Second I have no idea what you mean by instant GCD snipes.

But I'll explain in more detail how I use Stroke of genius so we are on the same page. I use it for when you do 2 snipes in a row to proc both FT and 1.5 second ambush. I run the first snipe normally full 1.5 second cast then hit cover pulse and second snipe, you MUST rely on abilities que to do this or you don't bypass the GCD of the first snipe. IMO you prolly save closer to 2 seconds as your shaving time off the GCD too.

Now I do use snap shot too but not in conjugation with stroke of genius normally. The reason for this is simple, if I'm entering cover then FT is probably off CD so no extra snipe is necessary to clear the FT CD. This however does modify the opener rotation a bit and I find gives me more opening burst, to many a PT tank's horror.

Now this is for PvE specifically, so you claim to be able to use CP for something better but I suspect the examples are few and far between. As I've mentioned there is always going to be opportunities to Respec utilities when nessesary to best fir a fight and it doesn't take too long to spend the 7 points on a utility tree that doesn't change regardless of discipline. This use of Stoke of genius is is usable each and every complete(sniper volley CD) rotation you do in the game, making it EXTREMELY useful. Every other utility is if this or if that, There is no "if" with stroke of genius other then "if I'm in combat" it's right there in every rotation and it doesn't compromise your rotation either as the GCD on corrosive dart keeps the rotation on pace.

Clearly you as I suspect a lot of people also do see stroke of genius and make the assumption that they are using it on their first snipe but as I say it's for your second snipe, and it's extremely fun thing to do, try it before you reply.
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