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There is. Considering that Sniper Volley is a base 45 second CD, you need to get off your Snipes as quickly as possible. The extra 2 snipes ensures that you will have Sniper Volley off CD on your 3rd sequence (as stated previously, EP and OS were ideal to maintain this sort of fluidity pre 3.0). The added bonus from Honed Shots makes it all the more reason to spam more Snipes early.

I have plenty of ways to approach the sequence though, so sorry if I only listed 2. I'll add more ways to place those extra 2 snipes somewhere.

EDIT: I'm currently suffering through my last two weeks of finals, so I won't be able to answer all of the questions until then. I'll still be lurking around in the forums though!
Did you test it?? Cause, with the alacrity buff, I supposed the CD (assuming 0 alac from gear) would be 40.9s Which does change the number of filler you can have...
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