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02.21.2013 , 01:41 PM | #26
As usual it seems Uncensored has turned thsi post into something about them. Bajezuz do you guys always have to steal the spotlight. I think what Seane is trying to promote is a competetive battlefield for teams of around the same skill level. IMO, which no one cares about i am sure, when our guilds go agaist Uncensored, we do give it our all but its hard to learn and make fast decisions when you're alive all of 20 seconds. Now i know im going to get bashed and ridiculed for this post. i would expect nothing less, but some of our teams struggle with things such as group composition, target focusing, and other things that need to be addressed. So i think what Seane is putting together will only help us improve on those things with players of the skill level. and just let me say im not taking away from anyones skill that isnt my point, but im not going to lie and say my guild is on the same skill level as uncensored at this time, but we are only going to get better if we can actually compete on an EVEN playing field. We will be there Seane, just let us know when.