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Okay, so I'm a Shield-spec Vanguard, and the only talents I have in adrenaline rush is the 60 second cooldown reduction, so its cooldown is 2 minutes instead of 3.

So here's the problem. The tooltip says that the ability heals us (troopers) by 15% of our health over 10 seconds. Now my math, bare in mind it is highschool level, tells me that the numbers are 1.5% per second.

Okay, that's great. But My Vanguard has slightly over 18,700 health. Adrenaline Rush heals me for 187 health per second.
That is OUTSIDE of warzones. Inside, it is 146 (give or take, with the debuff on).

Now. Isn't 187 health just 1% (not 1.5%)? Doesn't that mean that I am being healed 10% of my health total?
I must be missing something. I feel I must have missed something easy and I'm worrying for nothing, but as I see it the tooltip reads 15%, and I'm getting 10%. In warzones it is LESS THAN THAT.

I have literally sat on the fleet and hit Adrenaline Rush and watched 187 fly above my head. Can I get an answer? Have I missed something? Did I read something wrong? I really want to know, because as it is the ability sucks, and I don't want it to be even worse.
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