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Do you see any other marauders/SWs doing anywhere near as well as me? Do you see ANY other class in any of the games doing as well as me? Skill plays a large part in PvP. The people I played against had an extreme skill disadvantage. The fact that I'm good doesn't change the fact that Sorcerer hybrid specs are far too powerful.
Yes yes yes, clearly you're a PvP god and all the sorcs are just bad at their classes. That's TOTALLY why you outperformed all of them in every single metric in that warzone...

Pro-tip: next time pick a picture that doesn't make it look like their class is fine and yours needs a nerf. What you did is like complaining that you won a duel but it was too hard so the other guy needs a nerf. Pathetic.

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The fact that I was able to do about 400k damage, get 9 medals, and take 0 deaths in a game should tell you how much of a skill gap there was.
Yes yes yes, we know... When YOU win it's all skill, baby. When they win, it's because they're overpowered.