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11.19.2019 , 01:50 AM | #1
With Season 12 coming lets give a wish-list to BW what we would like to be done to improve Solo Ranked Arenas.

This is not a nerf thread. But a constructive thread what can be done in Ranked Arenas game mode to make it better.

1. Class stacking. This is a huge problem, especially with the burst stealth classes. Was a problem in S11 with Mercs. So I think BW needs to make something about this. I understand that it can't completely be solved as you can still get a SIn and Operative but hey, getting three Sins or Operative is just game over for the other team with a different set up. There is two solutions for this, one is that we have a system that no class stack (I think this is not hard to implement and we have something similar with healers and tank queing), another one would be that Pops are based on a complete mirror system. Apart Sins I have also had games with three/four Sorcs which are also not fun.
2. Breaks in between the season. With Seasons 11, being very long, I think it would be good to have five days one week break in between the season at month - six week intervals. I mean even professional sports have them so why not.

If others have different ideas please post them.