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So far I've introduced 2 people on TEH to GSF.... Miraluna and Windrota....
The first is currently gearing up her T1 strike for long range assault. She does pitiful damage but she can fly and survive rather well, more than most newbie can say. She will buy a bomber soon since she prefer support flying. Flying the stock ships and mastering one (She is only 2 or 3 upgrades shy from her mastered starguard) taught her how to fly. Sure she made poor decision with her Strike components but she is a fine pilot.
Wind is a more aggressive pilot perfectly suited for scouts. He is now trying to fly a Novadive and does rather well. When I first saw him he was whining how much impossible this game was, how ****** the baance were et ceatera. Now he is doing well.

My point is simple. Newbies must learn to fly the stck ships. They are well balanced and teach the basic. Beginning on a bomber will keep a new pilot from learning how to actually be evasive and begining on a gunship will keep a newbie from developping a good spatial awareness.
they need to get 5k fleet req or 50k ship req before they can even purchase the 2 ships I am talking about.

That req they would have to get on the starter Stock ships. They will learn to fly there. The people you are talking about it stuck with it which is good, now they are branching out to new ship types which is good and exactly what I am suggesting. I never said "dont fly T1 Scout or Strike after you get the bomber or the GS" clearly that would be counter productive. The idea would be fly the scout and the strike by the time you have 50k req you have 1 ship with the minors mastered and the first 2 or 3 upgrades in everythign else, or 2 ships with with a couple upgrades in everything.

If you dont hold onto the grants you will find you have even more then this on ship req. The suggestion I am making has some one nearly master the stock ships before they purchase the 2 others and even then I again, am NOT telling people not to fly the original ships.

I just dont think its a bad suggestion to tell new players to buy the GS and then the Bomber when they can and get a feel for all 4 types of game play. Not "dont touch T1 strike or scout" but use all 4. And the people you are talking about it wouldnt matter what they bought.

They are willing to learn they are asking questions they are getting awnsers. Whether they did this on a bomber, a GS, a scout or a strike the ship they flew they would become good at simply because they have the drive to become good.

The drive matters more then what they fly. Flying a scout doesnt make some one all of a sudden amazing at GS or vice versa.

Edit: I think this is our impass, you seem to think that getting good at the first 2 ships will make you good in other ships, or that I am telling people to buy the GS and the BOMBER and fly nothing but the GS and the bomber. I do not believe flying the first 2 ships makes you better in a GS or in a bomber the play style is different. I am also NOT telling people 2 purchase these ships and then never fly anything else. The suggestion is for a feel for all 4 ship types. A scout that has played a GS has greater knowledge of how to shut down a GS same with a Strike. A GS pilot that has played a scout knows what to look for when they are closing on them. A Bomber that has played a strike gets the idea of how to avoid being locked on by a missile and vice versa a strike that has played a bomber has a better idea of how to finish that lock on the bomber.

The idea is to play all 4 not one exclusively master all 4 of them while working up comms to buy other ships like the T2 scout or T3 Strike while learning what all 4 types of ships are capable of and how to shut them down. A T1 scout of instance with Rocket pods having issues with a T1 Bomber, after playing one.... you may just see how in that T1 Scout you can take that bomber down.

Just know this isnt some "only fly GS or bomber" suggestion. Its learn to fly all the ships so that you know how to counter all the ships regardless of what you are flying suggestion.