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Their dot spec received a damage boost... a big damage boost. Forget what it's called exactly, but I know what it looks like when it hits me. It's the one that that allows them to stack 4 bleed dots on you and the Plasma fire dot (animation) This was the first boost. "Annihilation?"

The above one they needed and I have no complaints, and 1.2 was not exclusively ravage either... I wish people would read more carefully about it.
I thought that you will mention that. Now, for your information, it was a damage boost for anyone with 80%+ crit rate. For rest of us, normal mortals with around 50% crit rate on DoTs in Anni spec, it is a slight buff during berserk and quite a nice nerf when berserk is not up (btw, what 4 stacks? deadly saber gives 3 stacks max and rupture is not stacking...annihilation (skill) itself has nothing to do with DoTs).

I am happy that you anwered my question - even if you were thinking about something else than our DoT damage nerf you just proved complete lack of knowledge about marauder/sentinel class. Therefore, your opinion is biased because of lack of knowledge.
Official Dev info about resolve system:
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To be fair, about 98% of all PvP problems can be resolved by learning to correctly play the class you rolled.
The remaining 2% aren't going to be fixed by complaining on a forum...