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Quote: Originally Posted by Serrowherrow View Post
Everything seems to boil down to this:

"Marauders got a small buff, everyone else got nerfed, therefore Marauder is OP, nerf them down with the rest of the classes."

Whether or not there's any truth to those words is personal opinion at this point.
Let's call it like it is.

Mars/sents received 2 consecutive damage increases... 1 pre 1.2 and another in 1.2.

Every other class received a nerf rather small or large in 1.2

Don't even pretend the nerf to your godmode skill was game breaking.... It's laughable at best considering the damage increase you Mars/Sents received in the last 2 consecutive patches.

Concealment received 9 nerfs in 1.2. And have been nerf'd in every single patch since launch. Some needed most not needed.

No I will not list them all... If you don't know then you obviously know nothing about the class. Some of the nerf's were stealth nerfs to damage and utility outside of the posted nerfs and those nerf's were NEVER posted.

Jugs/Guardians received a boost in damage.

Correction Sorc wasn't nerf'd it was fixed so people couldn't exploit heals and damage anymore. And yet they still top DPS charts by almost 50% compared to a concealment.

Mars/Sents are pulling in almost 50% more damage on the DPS charts compared to concealments.

I have no complaints about BH's/Trooper damage pre or post. But post 1.2 they to out DPS concealments.

1.2 BROKE operative DPS spec all together. But everyone wanted it broken so they boosted heal spec which didn't need a boost to begin with. There's some intelligence for you.

Need I go on?

Mars/Sents were overpowered before 1.2 the problem is the people playing them were the farthest thing from being overpowered save a very select few. Now post 1.2 with a second damage boost... more people are playing so expect to see more skilled mars/sents and jugs.

I'll enjoy the nerf bat when it comes hammering down on Jugs/Guardians/Mars/Sents.

Let the trolling begin.