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04.16.2019 , 01:51 PM | #7
First of all, do not buff the survivability of Lightning Sorcerer. It is quite overpowered in PvP due to the massive damage reduction from Static Barrier (10%) and the DR stacks 3x 5%. It's even more tanky than mercs in specific situations.

My experience is based on a long time spent in both solo and team ranked PvP.

One demand I do have is for sorcerers in general: If Phasewalk cannot be used, it should not be removed from its placed position. It simply shouldn't be triggered.
The easiest example here is if you get netted. In the second you get netted you wanted to bubble. Bubble just doesn't activate.
If you phasewalk in the exact same second when you get netted or while you're netted, Phasewalk is removed from its position. The same applies to Deception Assassin Low Slash and the Juggernaut Forcepush.
Another general wish I'd have: Generally deal more damage, but decrease the damage mitigation / reduction / absorption that Lightning Sorcerers have right now (15% DR Fulgurous Fortification, 10% DR Convection, 25% DR Suppression, 15% Unnatural Vigor)

Suggestions - Can be applied for both Set Bonuses or Tactical Items

- Chain Lightning turns into a single target ability but deals X % increased damage. (My suggestion something between 50 and 100 %)
- After pulling a friendly target with Extrication, the target cannot be leapt to or pulled away from any enemies for 4 seconds
- Turns Extrication (Pulling a friendly target towards your position) into an offensive ability, pulling an enemy instead of a friendly target, such as the pull Assassin Tanks have
- After Force Barrier (3m CD) ends, Overload becomes more powerful, doubling the range enemies are knocked back as well as its damage dealt
- Thundering Blast also automatically critically hits targets affected by Crushing Darkness DoT (not only Affliction) - This will open new possibilities to burst targets with low HP where applying Affliction would end in a DPS loss, as well as new opportunities for hardswapping in PvP with Lightning Sorcerer
- Lightning Storm will grant a buff to Force Lightning: The next use of Force Lightning deals targets with less than 30% of their max. HP 100% more damage, deals all its damage at once and activates instantly, without a channel or cast time
- Convulsing Currents reworked: Shock deals 50% (up from 35%) more damage to targets affected by your Crushing Darkness
- Decrease damage dealt by Lightning Bolt, Shock and Crushing Darkness but increase damage dealt by Lightning Flash, Thundering Blast and Chain Lightning
- Using Recklessness will grant X charges of a buff to Thundering Blast, making the next Thundering Blast being activated instantly instead of casted


I will be adding more suggestions in the next days if I have any.