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I'd like something that'll boost all Inquisitors/Consulors so they aren't so squishy.
Hear, hear. My main is a lightning sorcerer and in PvP I'm the easy and quick kill target every single match I enter and my gear is excellent. I would like to be able to deal out decent damage to other players and spend much less times casting heals on myself.

My ideas for what the Tactical Item could do:
a) Makes Crushing Darkness instant cast. Currently I only use this ability in fights where a rotation is required such as boss fights (and I mean world bosses on Ossus and such since I do not raid) and long fights I encounter while doing general PvE stuff (Champions and strong gold elites). I want to be able to use Crushing Darkness in PvP
b) Makes Static Barrier reflect x amount of damage at attackers for x amount of seconds (but does not alter or affect the utility "Lightning Barrier" if chosen) or the cooldowns for static barrier.
c) Makes Unnatural Preservation heal to full and reflect ALL damage for x seconds BUT increases it's cooldown to 1 minute (up from 30 seconds)
d) Gives the passive Transmission could have a damage increase added e.g. also increases the critical chance of shock by x amount
e) Adds damage reduction OR a heal over time to Cloud Mind for 6-8 seconds making it useful outside OPs and Flashpoints

For the Set Bonus I'd like to to be able to choose a set that increases (doubles) the damage output of our burst abilities shock and lightning flash. I would choose this set because it would be beneficial for use in PvP.

I may add more if I think of anything else.
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