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Hey, good guide (though on the long side!). Thank you for your efforts, it was an enjoyable read

I don't really think the Dealer's Den is an 'upscale' cantina though. I thought it was quite the shady place? I don't really like it, don't see it as a place where Jedi would easily go. Some place a bit more neutral/classy could be more suitable.

Though you could argue why a Jedi would go the a cantina in the first place...
On Trask Ulgo the Den is mostly used by shady people and such. But even the quests there suggests that the place is very shady, among other things (spoiler alert btw) there's an injured police officer standing outside the door, and a leader of the black suns' gang also appears in there during a companion quest with Corso.

So yeah, I'll agree and say it's not really upscale.
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