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I mainly play Marksmanship, and I've decent knowledge of Virulence. Won't be of much help about Engineering, though I briefly tried it for a week.

I believe the 6pc set-bonuses are just right. Marksmanship dummy parses aren't spectacular, but they aren't lackluster either, and the dependable burst from the 6pc set bonus keeps Marksmanship near-competitive* in PvP (and in some PvE where burst is important). The damage for a lased Cull is nice too, but Virulence suffers from more fundamental problems in PvP (while it is excellent for PvE). Same goes for Explosive Probe damage and Engineering, except Engineering is more viable in PvP than PvE I think.

The 2pc bonus is same across all classes - however I'd rather have it be activated by Penetrating Blasts/Series of Shots. It is possible to hold onto Ambush to preserve burst in some cases, but PB/SoS is too rotational to not use. This would ensure more uptime for the buff, for me at least.

The 4pc bonus is decent. It gives me some leeway in parses, but could use something more imaginitive. Energy reduction of Takedown would definitely go a longer way for all the specs.

* All sniper specs currently suffer from the offensive output not being worth the loss of defensive abilities - it is general consensus that they need to be balanced to reflect each other. Marksmanship makes it out better than the other two specs which are plainly not that great, as the offensive burst is dependable, and cannot be purged. But a story for another thread.

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Any change to Quickdraw energy for Dirty Fighting should be in the Dirty Fighting discipline and not tied to a set bonus. Quickdraw energy is largely irrelevant in the other two specs. There is no need to replace a useful set bonus for two specs with one that is not useful, just to help one spec.
It does have utility for Marksmanship though - in the Execute phase one should currently replace Corrosive Dart with Takedown, except to reapply the debuff.
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