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04.22.2013 , 07:40 AM | #89
Drussy, there is only one more mode: nightmare - the confusion comes from the split between 8 and 16 (so 2 more modes would be 8 NiM and 16 NiM).

To everyone: You are only comparing Styrak - and you are only really comparing one or two mechanics. There are 8 images to split up and kill instead of 4 in 16 man. Even if the enrage timer is longer in 16 - I'm not so sure 8 or 16 guilds are hitting enrage on many fights so it seems rather irrelevant. I'm willing to admit that the Styrak fight is probably a little easier in 16 vs 8, but it isn't all that significant a difference - you cant just say, oh well the enrage timer is X amount longer therefore the fight is that much harder.

Also, I'm glad that S+V HM is easier this time around - everyone needs to do a lot of farming to get back to BiS - and without crafting it will take more time than normal. Not to mention, I find the operation to be a lot of fun and really well polished, which is considerably more valuable than difficulty for a hard mode (I'll repeat the sentiment, that for a really good guild, Nightmare should be the only challenge). Besides that, Nightmare is a lot closer than you think.

Also, to say EC NiM tanks are easier in 16m after the nerfs, "got hit with the nerfbat," is ridiculously wrong. EC NiM tanks are still way harder in 16 than in 8, or at least they were before 2.0 - I'm not going to continue arguing about Styrak or S+V, but I'd argue you on this.

Anyway, I've said my piece, I won't respond here again.