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What two more modes? Beyond HM there is NiM, and beyond NiM there is ... super-duper NiM? Care to share your insights into two additional modes waiting for us anon? And fyi, there is absolutely no indication BW has improved in delivering raiding content, S&V HM is the easiest content so far, so I have no clue where you get the impression that things have improved or will improve in the near future. The dps requirements for Styrak 16m HM are absolutely ridiculous, you can do it with 13 people wearing Arkanian gear or less ... why oh why did they release the new HM raiding content with such low requirements? BW wisdom never ceases to amaze me.

I highly doubt achievement hunting and seeker droid scouring will occupy "real" SWTOR players for months, but hey, you can maintain your illusion. My guild will try to spice things up a bit by actually running Ops for achievements, maybe even finally tackle Dreadtooth 10 stacks (provided the numbers are there), but I highly doubt the inevitable mass exodus will be prevented by these "fun" activities when everyone is running around in BiS gear, oneshotting encounters with their eyes closed.

offtopic: I am irked that they separated achi based on 16m and 8m, WoW stopped doing that with Cata and it worked fine, no idea why they decided to do that here, just confusing in the end, not to mention lots of guilds are being given the middle finger here (because finding a stable 16m Ops group in this game is definitely not something that should be considered as given); HOWEVER, I am pleased that the "real" achi can only be found in 8 man NiM - survived and timed runs, so that's pretty cool.
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