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Interesting that you use Wingman for Piledriver. Do you mostly play in a team with heals? I fly solo 90% of the time. We socialise a lot on GSF chat, but there's a fair amount of us that prefer to give matchmaker a chance rather than stomp in powerful pre-mades. Without getting into that debate, I find it absolutely necessary to use Hydro-spanner flying solo on Darth Malgus. It really helps you mitigate damage, while piledriver is still powerful enough to beat 90% of pilots in a joust, save for the odd few aces, and even then we often avoid jousting each other as it comes down to RNG luck. Wingman is certainly sublime with Piledriver, as is Concentrated Fire, but here on DM, you're dead meat flying that way. I have Starguard and Enforcer on my bar. Same build but Enforcer runs CF. I only use it in games I'm fairly sure I won't come under too much pressure.
I don't use Wingman for Piledriver, my point was simply that if you did, you'd always win the joust. I do know plenty of people that do use Wingman for Piledriving though.

I do mostly play as a team yes, I'd say something like 80% of my games are in a 4 man premade with my team. Maybe 10% are duo queue ing and the other 10% solo queue ing.

I mostly play Hydrospanner, however recently I've been playing with different copilot abilities since I'm really liking the more aggressive play style. I do often have other people using healing abilities, but also on Starforge there's very often someone on the team playing Repair drone that isn't part of the premade. More so, if you ask for healing someone's usually willing to bring it, communication goes a long way.

I honestly don't really joust much anymore, it's not worth it. Even if you do win you take so much more damage then just catching someone by surprise later on. I usually just turn away and lead them into an ambush, either by calling it on voice if I'm with my team, or simply heading to where there aren't any red arrows on the map and many green ones.
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