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Great guide! I've definitely been having difficulty getting Accuracy on gear, haha. Looking forward to the PVP update.
The PVP section is going to need some work. I originally thought that Vigilance wouldn't be too much different than pre-3.0, but I am tweaking how I play daily. The biggest adjustment is learning when to prioritize AOE over single target. For the biggest numbers, AOE will be better. However, Vigilance has higher single target damage than before too, so that might be what's need more to help the team.

Another point of adjustment is that masterstrike hits noticeably harder with sunder and melee debuffs on target. This plus other changes messes with priorities on most of our abilities to be situational. Such as trying not to kill a target with overhead slash to save the debuff or briefly switching targets to use plasma brand on a target in a group to spread dots.

There's more, but those are the biggest fundamental changes to the spec. I'll play more and update the guide later.
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