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PS - on a small side note, dps having the ability to guard players with little to no downside been complained about in the ranked community for a while now. that is a realistic thing that should be talked because of the removal of stance-dancing and it should be openly discussed among players. i don't like how you threw that in there like its some absurd statement.
well tbh... I don't know how I feel about that anymore. most classes that can offguard get tunneled first anyway, and in dps have trash tunnel dcds.

in theory with coordination they can swap guard on and off each other? but who has that kind of coordination in solos. while it may seem smart to say offguard breaks solos, but lets not get into how backfills prioritise support roles in dps matchs. turning it into tnk/hl 3 dps vs 4 dps.

back in 4.0 and under you lost your class proc and got guard. guard with dps has been a long standing thing and its what has made swtor different from wow. when I say be realistic and try to ask for thing that will change, take a look at what bioware actually did. bioware intentionly removed the diffculty of offguarding in 5.0 despite that people hated offguard before 5.0. you have to work with bioware not against them.

do I think honestly it should be removed? I do, but if I was being honest I despise this game TTK in 2019 and I wish we could all go back to 3.0

PS- my ridicule of it was actually directed at the topic that tried to demand that guard be removed from swtor. and people saying it needs a cd, or needs to infinite range. I said "guard needs to be reworked" was silly, not that the one request of dps guarding needs to be reworked.