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07.05.2019 , 01:19 PM | #1
So.... I used to come here quite a bit. Had some suggestions, had some disagreements. Supported some ideas, disagreed with others.... but these days? Every time I click this forum the front page is clogged with the latest nerf threads, gearing complaints and general change this, change that.

This is a pvp forum. You would get more activity and discussion if you stopped using it as a tear jar, and starting helping each other on strats and arena tactics.. so on and so forth. Accept that pvp in this game is a low focus, that class rebalances happen every 6 months, and for god sakes.. make One topic to complain about a change. Just one. The mods don't need 10 topics of the same complaints.

Lastly, please keep your complaints realistic... ffft "no healers in pvp" bruh..... "guard needs to be reworked", "pvp needs to be balanced around solo ranked". these complaints have existed since the dawn of swtor pvp, if they haven't done it by now they aren't going to.