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I like that idea. They could have it heal for maybe 12% hp at 3 stacks of harnessed shadows. Either that or have something like the sentinel's watchman update. They could increase the maximum stacks of shadow protection to 8, have them build twice as fast, and increase its duration to 15 seconds.
Except that bringing that kind of self healing back to Assassins will trivialize content again. If you can only use Depredating Volts every 15 seconds, that would still be over 400 hps. Assassin tanks would go back to being the single best choice for raids, just because they barely need any healing, because they'll also be at 3.0 levels of spikiness, which is to say not bad. You can't just give a tank class something on the order of 550 to 600 (when played well) hps and call it a day.

As for having 8 stacks of Dark Protection? We'd be at ~48% DR, with Juggernauts at ~50%, and PTs at roughly 52.5%. Remind me again why someone would bring anything BUT an Assassin at that point? With higher shield, Defense, and with Absorb as high as a PT's (time averaged), there would be basically no reason to bring the other tanks. You'd have amazing cooldowns, insane passive mitigation, and strong active mitigation, not to mention that if you threw the self heals on top of that, we'd become nigh unkillable in PvE, with no thought yet as to what would happen in PvP.
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