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If you really want the set bonuses to achieve a 5% survivability increase, you need to...

The set bonuses in 3.0, taken as a whole, provide vastly and hilariously less than a 5% survivability buff, and in fact are much closer to a mere 1%.
Not to call anyone out specifically, because this has been brought up by several posters... 5% survivability (or DPS or healing) increase is not necessarily their to goal, but a bar they dont want to go above, allowing that ~1% to be acceptable. That, anyway, is how I read BWs intention from their first posts. So while I certainly agree the set bonuses are currently-- to borrow a quote-- "a nothing burger." I am concerned that the suggestions given, to certainly improve by 5%, are maybe more radical than will be given a serious consideration. That being said: I hope Im wrong.