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I like Oblivion, kinda remind me of daggerfall but all upgraded ? I know Oblivion doesnt have generated dungeon like daggerfall did lol but it has a similar atmosphere to it. A certain something, that was missing in Skyrim .

I modded the hell out of skyrim, and I was still bored to tears . I found that it was more fun modding the game, then actually playing it lol .
What I liked about Oblivion was the gameplay had a good balance betweem the old school RPG mechanics and a more fluid combat, as much as I enjoyed something like Morrowind's story... the combat in that game really didn't felt satisfying for me where as Oblivion did (Especially how I could use a spell without having it to hold it on my hand like Skyrim). I also enjoyed the main quest a lot more, and a lot of the guilds too (Especially the Dark Brotherhood, such a great questline). I still love Skyrim's combat system though I just wish there were some stuff from Oblivion's... like the spell thingy, plus while the main quest isn't that interesting the Thieves Guild questline was at least fun to go through. Plus Dragonborn DLC (I'm a sucker for Morrowind lore so it was great seeing a bit of Morrowind, that was even before I had the chance to play Morrowind too. So it was great for me seeing more of Dunmer culture).

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Saying something is great is inherently a subjective statement. It always includes "for me" because it's impossible to say something is objectively great.

On topic: I enjoyed DAI and am hopeful for DA4, but cautiously so. The way its been described before as being a games as service style game puts me on edge. I really hope they don't destroy the franchise because I've always enjoyed the world they've developed.

I definitely agree, I don't mean to hold my opinion as objective reality. But for me DAI was a great game and quite possibly one of my favorites... so far at least. Still got to play The Outerworlds once I get my pc upgraded... and I got high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077.

Same, I'm hoping they mean DLC or something akin to what Ubisoft has done with Assassin's Creed Odyssey, post launch updates to the game's story, etc. I think that game itself had a one year development cycle post-launch. I'm really hoping they don't pull a Shadow of War on us.
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