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Material requirements for crafting anything are absurdly high.

What peeves me the most is that they obviously spent a bunch of development time reworking what should have been a copy / paste of the formula used for years to create this convoluted mess, development time that should have been spent on creating content.

Much like the new gearing system though - it seems a lot of work went into making things as grindy, time consuming, and convulsed as possible to mask the lack of actual content.
You match how I feel. This isn't the first time they've wasted tons of hour revamping the class specs or gearing system but now its crafting, renown, and icons, etc. I keep thinking of all the hours they could have put in toward new content like story, PVP, raids, etc. I've never seen a game redo their core features ever two to three years when it's not like we're getting tons of content. Still, like the game just never did get wasting time on those features when it could go toward new content.
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