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Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions


Tactical Suggestions:
  • Low slash applies a dot that deals 10k dmg over 6 seconds. (breaks the incap in pvp)
  • Discharge does AOE damage within 8 meters
    • 90% damage to main target
    • 30% damage to remaining targets

Set Bonus:
  • 2 set - Discharge grants a stack that increases force crit by 2%. Stacks up to 4 times
  • 4 set - Using maul behind the target provides an automatic critical hit on reaping strike.
    • Can only proc once every 30s
  • 6 set - Ball Lightning used with 2 stacks of Voltage now grants 2 stacks of Static Charge.

Other ideas:
  • General discipline passive change: Amped Voltage now applies to Discharge instead of Phantom Stride. Specifically, activating Discharge/consuming 3 stacks of Static Charge now regrants 3 stacks of Static Charge. Can only proc once every 30s.
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