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04.22.2019 , 05:08 PM | #21
Tactical Item to increase all Crit damage by X percent and lower all non-Crit damage by Y%
Tactical Item to decrease the cooldown of Reaping strike by X% (25% or 50%) and allows Assassinate to be used on targets regardless of remaining health.
A Tactical item to increase DR by 30% while stunned (something a lot of DPS need in PvP).

2pc set bonus: Activating Overcharge Saber increases crit chance by X% (let's say 15%)
2pc set bonus: Voltaic Slash causes your next Maul to be an auto-crit. this can only occur once every X seconds.
4pc set bonus: Ball Lightning no longer attacks twice from the level 40 Twin Surge passive. Instead, the damage is added to Ball Lightning itself (prevents Twin Surge from consuming a stack of Recklessness. Realistically, it's how it should work in my opinion. Maybe there's a reason it doesn't work as such).
6pc set bonus: When Discharge critically hits a target, the next Discharge receives a 50% damage boost (possibly put this on a timer, say 18 seconds give or take 6 seconds, but it would be awesome if it wasn't).

Also, take Phantom Stride off the GCD and give us Phasewalk again please.