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and one more thing as I forgot to add the kicker...those toons are long since deleted lol
But yea, nonetheless, thanks that clears things up. Waste CC or spacebar like a maniac in the last 5days left of double xp, Decisions, decisions.
Yeah, that's a tough one. If you spend(1) CC on Master's Datacrons, you can spacebar like a maniac through *just* the class stories, whereas if you start at level 1 and crank through normally during the remaining double time, you can probably do the same (post 4.0 class mission XP is effectively x6 relative to pre-4.0, and if you then double it again, it's approximately the same as the pre-4.0 "x12" period).

But if you throw in some H2s or a bit of low/mid PvP or a bit of GSF or railshooter, you can blast through doing just the class stories. (Railshooter isn't available until you get your class ship, obviously.)

(1) The distinction between "spend" and "waste" is one I can't help you with. It's highly subjective, but I'll just add that cranking through mobs in the class stories is *much* faster if you are significantly over-level, like, say, level 70.
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