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Funny story. I ran through all the classes to get Legendary with such haste that I totally forgot about all the little bonuses the completion of companion conversations give. So I'm at this forehead slapping /doh! moment! Do any of the level boosts complete companion conversation or do I have to pull teeth and grind that Shi7 again?
The *boosts* work like this:
* Outlander token start-at-60: all class story and class-companion stories marked "complete". The whole Revan thing, including Rise of the Emperor, marked complete.
* Outlander token start-at-65: the above, plus all KotFE chapters (but not alerts, nor Star Fortress, nor Eternal Championship) marked complete. You can play the chapters, but it counts as a replay.
* Master's Datacron: You are promoted to level 70 and given your ship and the ship droid if you don't already have them. I have no idea what happens if you have begun Chapter I of KotFE (and therefore lost your original ship and ship droid) when you use it, and it seems like a somewhat academic question, since it's hardly worth the effort if you're already level 60+.

The Master's Datacron changes nothing else.

So, since you obviously didn't use Outlander tokens for these characters (you were able to run the class stories, therefore you didn't use an Outlander token), you can, if you have not already begun KotFE/ET or JUS on them, just go to their ships and have the conversations. The act of beginning KotFE/ET (or skipping them directly to JUS) marks the class stories and class-companion stories done, and that act is implicit in the creation of an Outlander token character.

Hope that helps.
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