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I'm only partially interested in solo modes for the Oricon ops, just because the fights with each master are epic. Really I'd settle for just a solo version of the Dread Council fight where each Dread Master is an elite with a little extra health than normal and a single, unique ability that matches their personality/role in the group. I feel facing four elites at once like that, solo (with NO JESUS DROID BIOWARE! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!) is enough of a challenge for solo/story players while also providing them with good story. Adding cutscenes before and after like they did with the first run-through of the Revan fight on Yavin 4 would be excellent as well. Then, after completing the fight in the story quest, you could repeat the solo mode fight as a Oricon Weekly, just like Yavin 4.

IMO, Oricon and the DM's deserved (and still do deserve) the Yavin 4 treatment FAR more than Revan. SoR is a fanfiction compared to the Dread War Arc.
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