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08.23.2017 , 09:36 AM | #94
I don't know why they wont let us kill Auntie Satele maybe cause she is a Reven blood or something witch is lame as she already pops out a kid her job is done lets us fight her. It's even more sad cause they made us kill off Uncle Malgus her Sith opposite and then replaced him with Daddy Marr who they then had Grandpa Valkorion kill him and just had Auntie Satele go off on some random planet and just have her sit there not doing anything i mean come if your going keep her alive then have her do more then what she did or better yet let us fight and kill her to end that story arc and make up for are two sith role models you killed 3 if you want to count Valkorion. I miss Daddy Marr