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01.22.2018 , 07:33 AM | #4
My list of Buffs for VG/PT.
1. ALLOW US TO USE TECH BLADES FFS! If you need an animation for the VG to do all his abilities, you have a handy shoulder cannon that can do the job. For PT, little thing called the flame thrower gauntlet!
2. Replace translocate with SOMETHING. It's almost worthless. I'd say the same with Oil Slick. Again mostly worthless on the shield tech. Maybe some better defensive abilities?
3. BETTER HEAT MANAGEMENT. Especially for Pyro.
4. The legendary ability 'Pressure Overrides' should be a permanate ability, but locked to 15m, just so you have the chance to open up a bit sooner.
5. Saftey Regulators needs to be brought to the PT side.
6.Jet charge needs to go back to level 2. Whatever idiot moved it to lvl 59 is a MORON.
7. Fusion missile needs to be a BH specific ability and not a Merc ability so PTs can use it. Would be a nice opening hit for a PT at 30m then jump in.
8. Get rid of the Optimus prime missile attack and give back Death from Above. Changing that was STUPID. Or if you were going to change it, make it somehow a huge fireball AOE attack. Something that would look BA.
9. Trauma Regulators needs to come to the PT, but instead of the 70%(or 60 now) 50% would be just fine.

Those are just my 2 cents.
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