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Do you have any proof that only good players should be getting credit, or are you just salty? Most of my guildies, who have been doing this event when we arent doing NiM progression, have troubles with this flashpoint bugging out. So unless my guildies, who i regularly clear the hardest content in the game with, are actually bads in disguise, i think you're just full of it.
Unless your pugging this, in GF, then you have no idea. And yes, I have done Manaan 16 times in the last 3 days for all my toons, the ONLY time we had any issue is when we get people in there spamming basic attack, and standing in stupid. All 16 (including 4 solos), went through no issue. Statistically speaking, if there was a bug I would have had it happen at least once.

and sorry, I dont by your BS about a NiM guild having issues with Manaan...
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