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She is what she is. Boring, codependent, whiny. But useful.

It's kind of baffling to me how boring I find her when her character could be very interesting. She's had a rough life and ...interesting origins. But it's like the writers went to such lengths that she'd be angst-free and non-intimidating (the anti-Kaliyo, if you will), that she's colorless.

I think the main problem there is the writing. From what I've seen so far, the Bounty Hunter isn't supposed to be full on Dark Sided. He's a professional. Bring them back alive if possible, quick and painless death if not. I run my Merc off the philosophy of "WWFD?" and it works well. So far, I'm barely Light I, and that was because my finger slipped during a FP run.
Yeah, there's a few companions where this is a problem - namely that the companion makes sense for one alignment, but they made a free choice to associate with your character, so when your alignments don't mesh you have no idea why they don't choose to leave (and further) you choose to keep them around.

Having the companion stories expanded a bit would be great. So for the LS BH you'd have the current Mako relationship of partnership and friendship/romance, while a DS BH might be forcing Mako to work for him due to her usefulness, or keeping her close since she has some nasty secrets on them, and the dynamic would be of tension and (likely) abuse.
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