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This is funny, one of the "problem" in your stats (a gunsliger healing) just disappeared, but the number of game hasn't changed
I think it's pretty obvious that I simply corrected a Scoundrel who was incorrectly listed as a Gunslinger.

The damage output in Alderaan has changed too (this afternoon, the Empire was in the five first spots, now the Republic has the first 2 ).
Yes - because of some feedback, the stat calculations have been tweaked a little so the healing specs in the same advanced classes don't affect the damage stats and vice versa.

On Novare Coast, Scoundrel isn't in the daage output, but he is in the the "kills" list.
You would be surprised at the number of warzones where a healer actually does 0 damage, yet gets credit for kills. BW explained that this is indeed working as intended in 1.2.

[/quote]There are 2 possibilities :
1) You messed up with the stats.
-You produce the stats you want to see, and not the real stats.[/quote]

Sorry I can't be a full time law student and check every single field in the database (currently, just over 250,000).

And I won't talk about the uselessness of those stats (Templates ? Levels ? Etc).
There is no possible stat-tracking system based on cumulative performance that can produce a meaningful comparison of someone's worth in a warzone - it's simply not possible because there is no way to track WHEN a player performs an action that might make or break a warzone. The site accomplishes what it set out to do - if you don't like it, don't use it.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the warzones have only level 50 players. And the number of records for Vanguards, the least represented class, is 360 - so it's not like the averages are only of a handful of samples. For Sorcerers, it's almost 1800 records.