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09.07.2019 , 03:10 PM | #19
In an ideal world gear would be gated by actual content. But seeing how we can only dream of 10 flashpoints and 4 operations per expansion, like that other game that won't be named, we're honestly stuck with RNG and system redesigns to reuse old content. That's the sad truth.

I always felt Ossus grind was getting too much stick from people and that we'll end up missing it. And there lies a big lesson for BW in Ossus and in 6.0 feedback. There is this tendency that the systems ala crystals, that BW intends as supplemental, in practice turn out as the "main way" to gear. It's due to predictability, ability to focus effort towards a specific goal and plan around it. Sure people will hate a drawn out grind. But they'll hate a drawn out grind paired with layers of RNG even more. So in lieu of actual content... I'd pick the lesser evil.

Feels like warframe was a big inspiration. Thing about that game is it pairs RNG mitigator effects and low drop rates with the fact you can roll the dice very often speedrunning maps hunting for exactly what you want. How exactly they thought that would translate into an MMO with lockouts on content that takes a considerably longer time to complete I don't know. Of course the uber grindy vendors originally meant to "fill the gaps" are going to be the new crystals grind. We'll end up gearing by hoarding tech parts to buy as much as possible from the rotating inventory. It's gonna feel great to miss a week just when that chestpiece you wanted for a month was listed. Just like WF lol. Reminds me why I quit that game.