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Even back then when they started their updates that began tearing apart facets of the game I once loved they didn't really explain why they took out 3.0 and the PVP vendors etc.

In fact, personally I was blindsided by the gutting of the gear system back then because of all the things wrong with the game then, i didn't perceive the gearing system as something that needed a lot of attention. I also was annoyed and frustrated because of a lack of explanation behind those big sweeping changes.

Now, they did gut conquest and then they even added explanations as to why they changed it, but it made no sense at all.

If I remember it correctly, they explained the conquest changes as a way to make smaller guilds more competitive versus the larger guilds. This was total BS because in reality smaller guilds ended up with even less of a chance to be competitive in conquest. The explanation simply did not correlate with the results.

That's why it's so hard to trust BW anymore, I mean even when they give explanations the explanations themselves don't hold water.
I remember at one point if I had an extra piece of gear that had mods I needed for something else... I could strip them out and reuse said mods where and as needed. Not any more. If those mods come out of a head piece... then that is the ONLY place it will go! I don't remember WHEN that changed exactly but it did! Talk about aggravating. Now if you get an extra piece...
1. It's usually bound to you
2. It's useless! Which accounts for the bulk of what you get even out of CC's.

Back to what works:
Keep it simple as stated here:
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Of course it can be answered, it WAS answered in the other big thread about 6.0 RNG Gearing.

Tokens: different difficulty content rewards more or less Tokens.

Trade In: Trade Tokens directly for the GEAR YOU WANT.


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This ^^^ or at the least some simple variant of this !! It's not that hard to understand!