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10.17.2019 , 04:57 PM | #1
I can't find PTS server status published online or any kind of schedule.

Is there any way to know when I can access it?

I'm aware that it's not permanently available but it's very tedious having to log in, authenticate, switch to PTS, then keep finding the server offline. I've only found it online a couple of times over the past month.

FYI I'm a returning player keen on Nautolans, which look fabulous on the PTS. Great job. But playing temporary characters on live just to make some money in preparation, I've discovered that I loathe a lot of the changes to combat. All this ridiculous, build-a-stack of some rubbish which causes some other ability to behave differently.

There's no indication of that for most classes at lower levels - except where it's advertised up front like concentration for sentinels or tactical advantage for scoundrels. And it's not the old style talent tree where players could choose whether or not to buy into that kind of garbage. It's just forced on everyone.

All I can do is not put any of the affected abilities on my hotbar.

It seems to vary by class and discipline and it's difficult to get an accurate idea of what class I might find least tedious / gimped (by my leaving abilities off my hotbar) to play.

It was suggested to me in game that I jump on the PTS to give them all a spin. I can see which class / discipline's hotbar does the least amount of ridiculous blinking at me.

Yes. I'm aware of the level boost trap. Don't use the level boost at character creation. See the vendor in game.