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Prior to 4.0 it could sometimes be difficult to find a full group to run the heroic 4s while they were still useful to you (as in not grayed out) because a lot of players doing class or planet content simply didn't run them or didn't want to bother with the lengthy travel if the LFG went out when they were on the other side of the world. Being in a guild wasn't much of an advantage there either, since guilds are a collection of player characters at different levels, and more often than not the people online would either overlevel the content and have nothing to gain from it or were too low level to group.

Since finding a group for a heroic was hit-and-miss, there were some that I never ran prior to 4.0. I'm sure that must be the case with many other players as well, some who didn't even create an account until after 4.0 went live. Putting back in an option to complete quests by returning to the quest giver would be a good feature for those players who missed that story content and want to experience it.

Personally I think a good way to handle it were Bioware ever to adjust that content, would be to have heroic quests taken from terminals conclude without returning to quest givers, while heroic quests obtained by talking to an NPC in the game world would require you to return to that quest giver to complete the quest.