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Update inbound!

So I'm playing around with some different optimization ideas to see what is the most "optimal". My gunslinger now has full 198's (Minus MH and Bracer armoring), so I think it's time to experiment what would be the best for a Saboteur/Engineer.

These are the options I will be exploring for now:

1 Alacrity Piece, 3 Surge pieces (roughly 69%)
2 Alacrity Pieces, 2 Surge pieces (64.8%)
2 Alacrity pieces , 2 Surge Pieces, 1 Surge Augment (66.8%)

I'll be doing 14 Minute parses each day with each build (when I can), all done WITHOUT using Hightail it/Covered Escape. I'll post my results here so you folks can see. If anyone wants to help, post your parses here so we can get a better estimate. (If you wish to help, you must be very close to full 198's so crit is not tampered with too much. Crit and Power will be factors here as well, but I can't control those factors very well. Also, I'm running with 302 crit rating, for those who are wondering.)


Day 1
2 Alac - 4640
1 Alac - 4700
2 Alac + Surge Aug - TBD

Oh I got another one I wanna see you look at:
600 Alacrity rating + 240-360 Surge rating.
Get there however you want, but I wanna see how it goes.

Before you laugh at me, it works for VGs, it works for Shadows, it works for Sents, and in theory it works with Mandos (haven't tested it on one of them yet).

If I have to wait till the next PTS cycle, so be it. I just wanna see how it would go.

The reason why it should work is we are currently at very high levels of Power + Cunning, as well as having a great contribution from Tech Power + Weapon damage, so that 0.2415 extra damage per point of power is not worth as much as the percent boost given by alacrity.

Regardless, it does need either acc augments or alac augments to pull it off, but regardless i'd be interested in seeing if my modeled estimation of ~600-720 alacrity + 240-360 surge for VGs/PTs carries into every spec in 198s.

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