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Given that sins have stealth I think phasewalk is ok for them but only if it is on a longer cooldown - say 1.5m (1min 30 sec).
Phasewalk was for sin only at first and the cooldown was shorter as well, I don't see why, if we get it back, we should have it with a bigger cd than sorc. Both class needs it, not one more than the other.

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supporting that but tbh i think u need to nerf phasing phantasm for that (wouldnt see a problem if it would be around 40% anyway)
I wasn't sure about this utility tbh, so I left it as it is now. There has been time where the 60% absorb just didn't work for me, so I thought that maybe it had a trick to it or else. Still, I'll add the 20% nerf
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