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I was in the same boat than you. Doing 1 time 10 solo kills is doable and challenging but take some time. Doing it 50 times is not enjoyable at all and makes you want to quit the game.

I took the easy way and sync queued with myself ( multiboxing with one account in each faction ) and just kill my other account. The account which got the achievement was a stealther ( to sneak close to the enemy respawn ) and the other account in my case was a sage/sorc because it has sprint to go to the spot faster and because back in the days noble sacrifice remove HP in your character so when you reached your stealther character you could just be one-shotted. That way you could get both achievements 10 solo kills and 20 killing blows in a single run becuase you could be granted 2 kills per re-spawn cicle.

Now 10 solo kills is still doable this way, but 20 killing blows is a bit harder, especialy at Hypergates.

In any case, I recommend you low level brackets (10-40) in pve servers, make yourself a legacy armor with blue mods, augments, stims and once you reach lvl 41 just make a new character. There is a big amount of new people in the game, without legacy datacrons, without gear, without knowledge of their own class or any mechanic. So now is the best moment to do pvp achievements.

My average matches trying my lastest pvp achievements were like this when that kind of matches in my pvp server at lvl 65 are like unicorns.
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