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1) I would encourage you to make quite a few storymode runs through D7 & False Emperor. Tionese level gear drops in these two.
2) Start playing with your spec, and change one talent at a time to see if you're really specced the way you like for you style of play.
3) Do dailies and get your rakata implants & an ear ~ you will earn enough credits to buy at least one from the GTN
4) Do WZ & get your war hero relics
5) Solo the Ilum H2 daily ~ if you can't do it, you need to work on your rotations & learn to use some of your less often used abilities. The dailies are a great way to tighten up sloppy play.

You can certainly do any of the HM FPs in tionese level gear, you can actually do them all with lesser gear. But it takes much better team play and coordination ~ the less well geared the team is. Considering that you're not an avid player, I'd guess that you're pugging most of the time. So you'll probably need some better gear to survive HMs
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