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Not at all unsurprising to see prices getting jacked up like that, greed is important when your market is economy based. you must corner the market by setting your own prices and buying others off or eliminate the unwanted elements. It is unfortunate that f2p'ers and pref players are treated like scum, worse than homeless people in this day and age (see the below quote as a perfect example of something rotten).

Of course EA has the option in hand to do something about that because the users will never do any such thing as to be fair and reasonable, forget it! You'd have better luck surviving a supernova, becoming ageless, the ability to live in the vacuum of space and swimming in a nebula than you would at people showing some form of respect to each other on the markets like this.

(EA won't act because it isn't their business to interfere with the users experience directly, unless it violates rules)

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a game that costs money to create and maintain favours paying customers over freeloaders, more news at 9
Regardless of the tone of your comment, those "freeloaders" as you call them are here for a reason. if EA didn't want these users? it wouldn't take them much to remove that access. However since EA has decided to lift some of the restrictions in place, it clearly means that they continue to want those "freeloaders" to have access to the game and greater access at that with the ability to play some older expansions and a raise in the level cap, but still no access to operations or caps lifted on grouped content outside that.

That is what the rest of your news at 9 is saying btw.