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Oh god I can't believe I read this tripe.
1) Phantom Stride is better than Leap especially against Snipers in Cover.
2) Three Stuns that are useful in all different types of gameplay.
3) Self heals.
4) Stealth out of combat.
5) Stealth out of combat heals.

Them 5 things are good and especially in the right hands, Darkness is superior to Immortal if used correctly. A lot of people aren't skilled enough to use Darkness and prefer a trimmed down Tank e.g. Pulling a healer out their comfort zone to rolling them.

Instead of asking for nerfs, try playing these specs you're struggling against and find their weakness and use that to your advantage.

Lastly if you truly think Assassin isn't effective then move on, I still have a Fury main who I made at launch and never changed his spec, I remember being laughed at about how bad this spec was after the whole "Smash Monkey" stuff and I done fine. Ask for a buff with a true detailing on why instead of "Buff my class, Nerf theirs." exactly what I asked for when Fury wasn't performing well and they buffed it.

Side note: I would ask for an extra ability based on movement like a Dash with an animation like that from Darth Maul in Dice Battlefront 2, So you could close or increase the gap similar to that of Mad Dash.

First off I wasn't asking for a nerf, I suggest you re-read it again.
second thing, this is for the changes they are making. not how it is currently.... so I again suggest you re-read it.
third thing, if you bothered to click the links and read through everything, jugs get, guardians get and sorcs. then read what shadows get you will understand.... that their is whole new playing field that the game devs arnt paying attention too.... Smash monkey never went away, maras/sents have always be strong. in the right situations... no matter how good you are as a shadow/sin you will. 9/10 struggle to beat any other class in the game.. unless your A on darth malgus fighting some mug whose played the game for like 3 days and used a token. our damage is less, our damage reduction is less. phantom stride spends more time glitching, then working. Lacerate/whirling blow does more damage then most of your Rotation, and backstab crits probably around 40% of the time.