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Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
We did it, didn't get cheevo.

Said to CS, we did it, didn't get cheevo.

CS said we did it, gave us cheevo.
Can you please elaborate on what you wrote to the CS?

We did the same thing, but the response from CS was:
"I am sorry to learn that you ran into an issue getting the Master mode " mind your step" achievement.
I am afraid I cannot assist on that occasion. There is no way customer Service can verify whether the conditions of that achievement are fulfilled from our side and we simply cannot grant it."

And that was in spite of the fact, that we sent a video of completing this thing:
All the necessary conditions for the achievement seem to be apparent enough there.

We also cleared it in different ways - 5 times in total. And still didn't get any.
So the achievement in MM is still bugged as of May 2019.